About Us

Mystic Software was founded in 1984 by Philip A. Herzfeld, as a custom-software development firm. At that time we developed software for the Data General line of super minicomputers. Since then we have grown considerably. We have always been dedicated to leading-edge solutions and maintain an expert staff in a wide range of current technologies. We pride ourselves on staying not only current with industry standards and innovations, but often staying ahead of the technology pack. We have been involved in beta testing many of the now commonly used development tools, operating systems and hardware platforms and became a Microsoft Partner thru their development network in 2001.


Mystic Software has never relied on mass marketing or marketing gimmicks to build our business.  Instead we let our work speak and thru word-of-mouth we have enjoyed many years of success and 90% client retention.  Our clients range from large multi-national companies with thousands of employees to small companies and sole-proprietorships with only a handful of employees. 


Our experienced developers support all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple's OS X and IOS. We develop, enhance, and maintain applications written in C#, VB.Net, HTML, XML, XSLT, Java Script ASP.Net, Borland’s Delphi (object Pascal), C, C++, Visual Basic, Java and COBOL.  We can create, and support corporate and/or E-commerce Web Sites and Web development using a multitude of technologies for the Internet, Extranets and internal Intranets.


We develop on, manage, administrate and support all versions of MS SQL Server, as well as Interbase, Infos II, Microsoft Access, Paradox, and DBASE. We can develop, maintain, and enhance SQL Triggers, Stored Procedures and database replication in addition to fine tuning the performance of those databases.  We have expertise in managing all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server databases across an enterprise.


Our staff is well versed with integrating, enhancing and supporting Microsoft’s Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)


We have trained developers available to help integrate or extend various mid-range accounting packages, including Great Plains’ Dynamics, and Epicor’s ERP solution (formerly known as Platinum Software’s SQL Platinum).


We have extensive experience with applications and design for financial industries, insurance industries, medical fields, production control and distribution.


At Mystic Software our staff of seasoned consultants provides our clients with everything from expert advice to architecture and design of complex integration services in the areas of:

Custom Programming

Internet Development

E-commerce Development

Web Site Make-Overs


Internet Marketing and Strategy

B2B, C2B, C2C


Data Mining

Multimedia Presentations

Business Automation

Microsoft Office Suite

Strategic Planning

Systems Management

Resource Planning and Management

Backend Integration

Networking and IT support



Our systematic yet agile, results-oriented approach delivers efficient and timely solutions aimed at enhancing and ensuring end-user performance and high system availability and reliability. Some of our custom applications in production for over 15 years with little to no modifications or support needed.


Mystic Software also offers a range of comprehensive onsite or remote support services for our clients including the following:

Web Hosting

Web site development, updates, and maintenance


Database development and maintenance

End-user support

Moves, adds, changes to existing systems

Help desk services

Business Automation


Coordination of multiple vendors and suppliers

B2B, C2B, C2C

LAN / Network administration


Other desktop/LAN support and services (please inquire)